Hey everyone! I am Jennifer Hu, a Floridian in Philly. A long long time ago, I was a Tennessean, but I can now confidently call both Florida and Pennsylvania home. Just so we are all on the same page, I am not an actual doctor; I am a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business (or just UPenn) planning on concentrating in Finance & Marketing with a minor in International Relations. Although given all the puns about "The Doctor Who", I am starting to think it is worth it to get my doctorate or at least my J.D. if possible. 

So what is the Doctor Hu? Think of it as a form of personal expression; I am so happy to be back writing after a long hiatus. The Doctor Hu is a fashion & lifestyle blog that brings you tips and trips to incorporate various products and outfits to bring out your personality. I will also be giving a lot of advice about college and such. Let me know if you have any questions! I will be happy to answer anything (anything within reason obviously)! 

The Doctor Hu is mainly targeted towards college students & millennial women. I attempt to bring a fashionable edge to a professional, often monochromatic culture. Strangely enough while the name of the blog is a spin on The Doctor Who TV series, I have never watched a single episode. 

Happy reading!! 

Photo creds: the amazingly talented and fellow Whartonite, Bradley Smith :)